Dominique Deruddere, film director:

Yes, I’ve got your drawings, but I have been abroad and there wasn’t any time to look at them.
I did that right now and it looks very good.
It reminds me a somewhat of Crumb, who has also illustrated Hank’s work, I think.
I hope you consider that as a compliment.


Everybody’s Famous
Dominique Deruddere’s EVERYBODY’S FAMOUS, which was Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2001 Academy Awards, is a charming Belgian film about the lengths to which people will go to achieve fame and fortune.

Crazy Love
Taking his cue from stories from the cult American author Charles Bukowski Deruddere’s film tells a story of a man’s life in the course of three nights spread over 20 years. We see Bukowski’s hero Harry Voss first as a romantic young boy of 12 then as an acne-ridden teenager lost in unrequited love and finally as a drink-sodden dropout for whom no act is too dreadful to contemplate with terrible and yet deeply moving consequences.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini
The way in which the film was made,between hope and despair, with a black and heavy atmosphere, telling a woman which accepts all from her husband by love for his children, convinced me. Ornella Mutti, which is one of the most known Italian actress, is beautiful as always in her role of wife, Faye Dunaway, older than usual, is the perfect image of the black widow and Joe Montagna gives all of himself as leading actor. In spite of the time spent between my first and only vision and my vote (more than 10 years) I always have in memory the course of the action, and that is the proof of the quality of film made by a Belgian director, and for Belgium is yet a success.

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