Thanks for visiting the Bukowski gallery. I really appreciate it. Here you can see the most mind-splitting of poems Mr. Bukowski has ever written, however, not only in words… And with good reason: I would get myself into a big mess! (I’m not kidding)

Bukowski’s writing is (and now we get to the heart of it) highly offensive, solitary and blatantly subjective, yet unabashed for its own cause in its steady delivery. Few have ever put themselves so out there, on the line. He wrote of his own life, blue-collar America, with all the flaws and scars exposed, his vices on open display. He is remembered as the “Poet Laureate of Skid Row.” His poetry, along with much of his other works, goes well beyond the limits of (Oh God oh Jeez…)“good taste” with topics such as drinking, fighting, gambling, dying and fornicating. The fact of the matter is the poems weren’t even written for you or me.

CarylOh no sir, he just wrote them for himself. But, I have to admit: I am happier knowing them too, and also, knowing that we live in a miserable hell, we call it ‘the Modern World’. And thanks to you, Mr Bukowski, perhaps I understand also a bit more about pain. The point is, people, I’m sorry if you disagree, some things change, and some things stay the same, but Charles Bukowski’s work will keep on poppin, I’m pretty sure, forever & ever, amen.

The gallery includes also unpublished poems and a handful of artwork to buy. And, yes, there’s no reason not to send me an email, after finishing you’re meal.

Hup Ho! “Have a nice day.”
& a Goodnight, wherever you are.


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